Friday, 16 October 2015

My 3 Goals Reflection Term 4

1.To earn my leadership badges                                                                                                                
I am still currently tying to get my merit I am struggling getting my merit because I am trying to find the right time to Blog about things ways for me to get my badges are doing more homework challenges like donating things to people that need them.

Next step:My next step for getting my badges is to blog more.

2.To get better at my maths
I think I am going good with my math I am still currently working on my division and my times tables like my 6's 7's 8's and my 9's I n my maths group we are learning about maths symbols which i am getting better at.

Next step:My next step for maths is to complete my current maths goal.

3.To do more sport
We are currently doing athletics training It has been rather hard because you get very tired of doing long distance and sprints.My favoruite in athletics was long jump.

Next step:My next step is to get better at long distance running.