Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday, 1 September 2014

House full of mysteries

I'm in bed and hear a very loud scream coming from next door.I wake up and look out my window and then I see flashing lights coming from the house.I thought in my head I must see what that sound came from.So I get out of bed and started tiptoeing across the street and started walking around the house the BIG TALL and FREAKY house chills slide down my back as I walk threw the house full of mysteries 

I put my one foot inside the house then suddenly  squeak I step on a toy teddy bear.I walk upstairs and see a trail of blood so I walk around it.Then I hear a big big big big BANG!!!!! I refuse to go up stairs any more so I walk into the kitchen and see shadows moving around me.I can hear something cooking sniff sniff and it smells disgusting and yuck it even needs a double yuck.I walk out of there and hear movies playing it turned out the scream I heard just before was just the TV I think to myself its time to face my fear now and go upstairs now

I walk and walk and walk slowly and when I got to the top of the stairs I hear a very loud EVIL laugh and keep on hearing screams someone has got turn that TV off.Next minute I hear big and loud footsteps then something started dripping from the roof.AHHH i run and scream down stairs threw the kitchen back out of the kitchen out the door and start running across the street.I got into my house back in bed and hear the scream again and this time I won't fall for that trick again.